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Intermediate Reading

Interlink- Language Center

-Pre GED Reading 

Online Reading Lab- America Today and Tomorrow

-Pre GED Preparation- Reading and Writing

English Zone- Chart Reading

-Reading Information From Charts

English Zone- Elephants

-Read a Passage and Answer Questions

English Zone- Dolphins

-Read a Passage and Answer Questions

English Zone- City Map

-Giving Directions According to a Map

English Zone- Labels - 1

-Reading Labels and Understanding Their Meaning

English Zone- Relationships

-How to Read a Family Tree

English Zone- Road Map

-Read the Miles Between Towns

English Zone- Show me the Money!

-Match the Word Forms of Money with the Number Forms of Money

Etext.Lib- Aesop Fables

-Over 300 Stories to Read... on One Page!

Last Modified on May 19, 2014