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Intermediate Grammar

Natural English- Grammar and Exercises
-12 Units of Grammar and Activities

1-Language- Online English Courses
-Grammar Lessons Followed by Exercises

A4ESL- English Grammar Quizzes

-Quizzes on Grammar

English-4u- Grammar Lessons
-Grammar Explanations and Usage Of

English-4u- Grammar Exercise

-Grammar Exercises

English-4u- Irregular Verbs
-Irregular Verb Exercises

Owl Online Writing Lab- A or An?
-Lesson of A/An Usage Followed by Exercises

Ohlone Online- Adjective Clauses

-Lesson and Practice of Adjective Clauses

410 Grammar- Adjective Clauses
-Lessons Followed by Practice of Who, Whom, Which, and That

ESL Blue- "ed/ ing" adjectives
-Exercises Using the endings of "ed/ ing"

Owl Online Writing Lab- Passive Voice

-Lesson on Passive Voice Passive to Active Voice

-Choose the Correct Word Exercise for Passive Voice

English-Hilfen- Passive Voice

-Write the Full Sentence in Passive Voice Exercise

UVIC- Passive Voice

-More Advanced Full Sentence Passive Voice Exercise

Last Modified on May 19, 2014